Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Going Beyond STEM To Create The Next Generation Of Leaders! Don't Miss This NEW Follett Webinar!

I am super excited about a new webinar coming up next week on November 13, 2019 from Follett!

And, to make it even is with Miss Science as the host as she talks about Going Beyond STEM to Create the Next Generation of Leaders at 3:00pm CST on the 13th.

As Follett Community shares,

Join this fast-paced hour of learning and discovery as Miss Science (Sherri Smith-Dodgson) provides a hands-on approach to making STEEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Math) education fun and relevant in the classroom. With the understanding that not all of students want to embark on a traditional STEM career, Smith-Dodgson will share strategies, ideas, and best practices designed to help educators gain a true understanding of the importance of STEM in every student’s world, and ways to incorporate STEEM into daily teaching and learning.

Attendees will learn how STEM subjects infused with project-based learning and entrepreneurship (at any grade) can nurture student talents and encourage independent, critical thinking. Your presenter, Miss Science (Sherri Smith-Dodgson), will share ways to convey the wonder and opportunities STEM topics lend to almost any topic, to help all students reach their full potential and become tomorrow’s leaders.
Throughout the presentation, Smith-Dodgson will use the acronym STEEM (with two Es) to reflect the integration of entrepreneurship into STEM.

During this presentation, you’ll learn:
  • Best practices for project-based learning (at any grade) and how it can be naturally embedded into all curriculum
  • Ways to support social emotional learning through project-based learning as well as gaining a deeper understanding of core subjects
  • How entrepreneurship can be used to broaden the experience of PBL while going beyond self to support community, and ways STEEM is needed to develop Future Ready Learners
  • The highlights of Smith-Dodgson’s popular science curriculum, including plant development and what happens to crops after they leave the farm (how do they make it to the market?)
  • Using interactive online tools to support STEEM teaching and learning and promote literacy
  • The impact of science and entrepreneurship on our everyday living
  • FREE Teacher Resources in Titlewave® and how an entire STEEM lesson can be tied together using Collections by Destiny®
Don’t miss this fascinating presentation during which Miss Science’s enthusiasm for learning and discovery will blow you away!
Don't miss this webinar, friends.  You can register here.

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