Friday, November 1, 2019

Miss Science Visited Van Meter This Week!

This week at Van Meter we had the honor of welcoming our friend, Miss Science, to the first, second and third grade classrooms at Van Meter through Skype in the Classroom and WOW....was it awesome!
Miss Science had a wonderful program planned for each Skype focused around spiders, research and centrifugal force to create screaming spiders.
Sherri Smith-Dodgson is a STEM educator that "Makes SMART Cool!"

With over 2 decades of experience in education and business, Sherri’s focus to “Make Smart Cool” has chartered partnerships and advisement that include, The Junior League, Microsoft, Henkel, Girl Scouts, The Arizona Sci Tech Festival, as well as workforce development, CTE and legislative work. 

As an expert in Project-based Learning and Makerspace pedagogy Sherri travels across the country to help schools and districts develop plans for future ready instruction and learning.
To kick off the STEM lesson, Miss Science read The Spider and the Fly.  Then she played the noise that spiders make and talked to them about spiders, insects and facts about each.

She then explained what all of the balloons we had blown up in the classrooms were going to be used for in the lesson.  In each, there was a little lug nut that would make a noise when spun similar to the sound spiders make. They also displayed centrifugal force, which was a new scientific term for most of the students.
They definitely created Screaming Spiders as every one of the students spun their balloon and filled the room with high pitched noise.  It was so much fun!
Our students loved our Skype with Miss Science and we can't wait to have her visit all of us again. 

You can read all about Miss Science here

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