Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Skype Tip! Add Multiple People In Skype To Include Even More Kids & Communities In These Connections!

We use Skype every week at Van Meter.  

We connect with wonderful people and groups through Skype in the Classroom, social media and other ways to bring lots of special experiences to our students, teachers and community. 

Every single connection is amazing! 
When we have a Skype, we always want to include as many students as possible and at times, the spaces can get a little packed and hard for everyone to have a good spot to listen and participate. 

After a few of these this year, I had an idea!  

Why not host the Skype's in multiple rooms by using the feature in the platform that lets you connect multiple people in one Skype event? 
So, we tested it out! 

When we Skyped with Ruth Spiro for Global Maker Day, she shared Made by Maxine with the all of the TK and kindergarteners in two classrooms.  It worked out so great! 

We even took turns asking questions back and forth, muting the other room to allow for Ruth to hear that student and classroom. 
When our friend, Miss Science, Skyped with our 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders for a little scary science, we put each grade level into two classrooms.  

It was a helpful way to be able to do a science experience with our Skype guest and be able to give our students room to collaborate and connect with Miss Science.  You can read all about this Skype here

Let me show you how we did this!  
When you are in the Skype platform, you can add people with the little icon the arrow is pointing to in the photo above. 
This will allow you to Add others to the Group. 

You can also get the Share link to join group from this window too.  You can email, text or share this in the Skype chat with the others that you want to add.  

By doing our big Skype's this way, we have made them more meaningful and management.  A win-win for all! 

Give it a try for your next big Skype.....or use this tip to add other classrooms from another school or community...or even other places around the world!

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