Sunday, September 2, 2018

What The Dinosaurs Did In Our Library & Stories...Created & Published By The Van Meter Students!

During the first week of school at Van Meter, we had something crazy happen in our library! 
When the kindergarteners, first graders and second graders came to the library for their week long time with us (read all about our schedule here), they discovered 10 dinosaurs had been up to no good. We couldn't believe what they did in the library overnight!
In the middle of the mess, we found the book What The Dinosaurs Did At School by the super talented and funny....
Refe and Susan Tuma.  

Refe and Susan live in Kansas City with their four children and a herd of plastic dinosaurs. The Tumas began cataloguing their dinosaurs' antics in 2012, creating Dinovember and igniting the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of children--young and old--across the world.

How fun is that!  

Now our students couldn't wait to read it together and see if it left some clues.  
The next day, we found What The Dinosaurs Did Last Night in the library. We talked about their crazy shenanigans and all of the different types of dinosaurs in the book and our library. 

It was time to do a little research!  
We went to PebbleGo Dinosaurs to do....
...research on the different types of dinosaurs we found in our library and in the books that were left behind. 
We learned so much about our dinosaurs...
 and lots of other dinosaurs too.  
After investigating and exploring in PebbleGo Dinosaurs, we all picked a dinosaur we wanted to learn more about. 
We used our research log to write and draw what we learned about our dinosaur.   
After the research we did in PebbleGo Dinosaurs,
we drew our very own dinosaurs and dreamed up what we wanted them to do in our story. 
Everyone was different...
 and fun!
We then used Buncee, our favorite digital storytelling tool, to make up and tell the story of our dinosaurs.
Our friends at Buncee even created special stickers for us to use that looked like the plastic dinosaurs in our library.
At the end, the students added a little video in Buncee to share their dinosaur and what they were up to in the story. 

The stitching feature in Buncee allowed us to stitch or bring all of the pages together.

We would like to share with you the very special story we created with Mrs. Smith's kindergarten, 

Mrs. Hagen's first grade, and...

Mrs. Ferguson's second grade friends!
You will find every kindergarten, first grade and second grade Dinosaur Buncee here on this Buncee Board over the next few weeks. 

We hope you love What The Dinosaurs Did In Our Story...A Very Fun and Messy Adventure! Buncee's as much as we do too!  

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