Sunday, September 30, 2018

Skyping With Brianna In Her Library In Belgium & Other Libraries Around The World....Our 4th Graders Are Making Global Connections!

Last week, Kate Lamoureux, one of our fourth grade teachers reached out to me with a special request. Her class was reading a text all about libraries and how children get their books around the world and she wondered if I could help them make some global connections. 
We reached out to friends and colleagues in Hong Kong, India, Oman, Dubai, Amsterdam, Australia, many in the United States, and other places around the world.  We asked them to share pictures, video tours and any other information they want to share about their library and books.

If you would like to share your library, please go to our Padlet that you can find here.
So far, they have heard from two schools in Hong Kong and one in India. I love how Kate and her students mark where they are making this connections on this map in their classroom.
One of the best connections we made was with my daughter, Brianna, who lives in Belgium where her husband, Jaden, is stationed in the United States Army. 
Jaden is stationed on the Chievres Airbase in Belgium.  
The Chievres Library is the library they go to on base.  As they love to read, they go there often to check out books and ask the librarian for help. 
 Brianna couldn't wait to show our 4th graders around the library too. 
As we Skyped with her, she showed....
...the different areas of the library and....
...where they get their resources such as books, audiobooks, movies and more. 
Next, she introduced us to their librarian, who shared different library events such as....
...Banned Book Week and...
...special events the library sponsors throughout the year. 
Kate's students did a wonderful job asking him lots of questions about their library, books,
the children in Belgium, living on an Army base,
food, weather and more.  
It was such a fantastic experience for our students....and for Brianna too.  

We can't wait to see where their global connections will take them next! 

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