Sunday, September 30, 2018

TOP DOG, Student Librarian of the Day...A New Program For Our Library!

Tomorrow, we are going to kick off a new program in our library for our students!  

It is called TOP DOG, Student Librarian of the Day and will feature a new student each day from every classroom during their library rotation.  
Since we are on a 4-week, week long rotation with every grade levels in the library, this will mean that we will have 4 to 5 TOP DOG's from each class per week when it is their library rotation.  

By giving all of our students in kindergarten through fifth grade this opportunity, we will empower and give them an even bigger voice within the library through pride of our space, program and most of all, of themselves.  
To get started, we needed a badge for our TOP DOGS to wear. 

We found these nice lanyards and plastic holders on Amazon.  
We decided on the horizontal ones with the black lanyard.  As you can see, there are lots of colors to choose from.  We ordered 25 so each of our classrooms will have their own for the TOP DOG Student Librarian of the Day in their room.
Next, we created the little card to go inside the badge.  We wanted it to fit the theme of the Van Meter Bulldogs, so we went with TOP DOG, Student Librarian of the Day! 

It is easy to create these by looking at the size on the package and setting the dimensions specifically to that.  That way there is no guessing when you go to print and cut the badges out.
On the back of the badge, the TOP DOG JOBS will be listed.  Instead of Jessica and I deciding and writing these out, we are going to let our students decide on these.  Again, we want them to have ownership and pride in this job and for our library.

To manage this, we are going to give every classroom their own TOP DOG badge.  We will rotate through their class list in alphabetical order throughout the year giving all students an equal opportunity to be the TOP DOG! 

We can't wait to see what being the TOP DOG will mean to our students and community within the library.  We will report back on the jobs they come up with and how our TOP DOG, Student Librarian of the Day program goes this week.  

There is a bulletin board outside of our library that we will turn into the TOP DOG LIBRARY too. 

I can't help but wonder....will they want to wear their TOP DOG badge all day long!  :) 

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