Friday, September 7, 2018

Hey, Future Ready Librarians.....Let's Grow Our Community & Invite A Friend or Two To Join Our Group!

This has been quit the week for amazing conversations within the community we have brought together of Future Ready Librarians. We are starting back to school, trying out new ideas, taking over new spaces, and finding lots of way to develop wonderful years with our students, teachers and families in our libraries and communities.  
As I do this in my library and school, I am constantly turning to the Future Ready Librarian Facebook Community we have built and fostered together over the last two years.  It is now almost 19,000 special members who come together to share, support and celebrate the impact we, as Future Ready Librarians, have on our communities every single day.  

As we kick off this new year, let's reach out and bring others into our special community too by inviting them to join us in the Future Ready Librarian Facebook Community here.  Share it with other librarians and also remember to share it with teachers and administrators too.  I even had two parents join over the summer, because they want to advocate and support our library program and others too.  

Future Ready Librarians
Facebook Group · 18,688 members
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Welcome to the Future Ready Librarian Facebook Group,

Thank you friends for the amazing community we have as Future Ready Librarians.  We are all so lucky.  I hope your year is off to the best start yet!  

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