Friday, September 14, 2018

Library Pop-Up PD With Jessica and Shannon!

We are really excited to be kicking off a year of new PD in our library and school this fall. 

Jessica, my teacher librarian partner, and I are kicking off our Library Pop-Up PD program at Van Meter next week and we couldn't be more excited. 

Today, our colleague and 5th grade teacher Megan Algreen kicked off these wonderful Pop-Up PD sessions at Van Meter, with one all about Twitter Basics. This was a program that was started last year at our school.  They were a hit! 

We are excited to jump into these Pop-Up PD sessions too because they will give us a chance to meet with the teachers and share valuable resources as we create, and connect with of all of them throughout the year.  It will also give us time to collaborate and brainstorm lots of ways these resources and tools can be used within their classrooms and with our students.  
Next week, we will kick off our Library Pop-Up PD's after school on Friday.  We will be teaching them all about Collections in Destiny, which will help everyone gather, organize and share library and online resources all year long.  
We will be posting updates for our Library Pop-Up PD's and include all of the resources that we use here on our library website, Van Meter School Library. 

This year, I hope you think about how you can get creative with how you connect and tie in professional development opportunities with your staff too.  

Let us know what you are doing...We would love to hear your ideas and events.  

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