Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Let's All Share What We Do As Future Ready Librarians In Each One Of The FRL Wedges!

This week was Future Ready Illinois in Naperville at North Central College. 
I had such a wonderful time with our team as we worked with administrators, technology directors, principals, coaches and of course, lots of very special Future Ready Librarians. 
On the second day, as we examined, dissected and shared ways Future Ready Librarians lead, teach and serve within our libraries, schools and communities,  one of my new friends, Becky Ackermann, came up to me with an idea from the collaborating they were doing at their table. 
Even though we took the FRL Framework apart on the first day together by breaking into 10 groups and...
 ...providing more meaning and examples to each wedge,
Becky and her table thought it would be super helpful to now come up with very specific examples, ideas, resources and more to help us be successful and creative within each. 
We started to do this with the sticky notes we were adding on Day 1, but it would be nice to have an online place where these ideas are captured and stored for everyone to use and share. 
As Becky and I talked through it, I created a new Padlet to collect the ideas from all of us at the Future Ready Institute, and other Future Ready Librarians around the country, and around the world.

Now, where the fun part begins!  

Please share what you do specifically to lead, teach and serve in each one of the wedges by adding to the Padlet.  
Thank you Becky and your team members for sharing your idea!  You made a difference today, friend. 

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