Monday, December 5, 2016

New Song of the Week From Cantata Learning...The Bear Went Over The Mountain!

The bear went over the mountain.  

The bear went over the mountain.  

The bear went over the mountain to see what he could see. 

Cantata Learning's Song of the Week, The Bear Went Over The Mountain, is one of my favorite traditional children's song!  
And Cantata Learning has made it even more special with the beautiful illustrations by Tim Palin and music arranged and produced by Steven Anderson of Steven C Music. 
On Cantata Learning, you will find the music too!  

It can be streamed here or downloaded as a MP3. 
You can even download the sheet music!  This is the perfect way to teach students the story and song, but also practice reading, following directions, listening and speaking.  

You can use these resources at school but also at home.  

In the back of this book (and all Cantata Learning books), there are engaging Guided Reading Activities, along with the Vocabulary from the book.   These will be very helpful as you read and sing this song and others with your students.  

Also, here are a few more ideas for this wonderful Cantata Learning Song of the Week!  
Here are some ideas for the Song Of The Week. 

On December 11, it is International Mountain Day.  The Bear Went Over The Mountain would be a perfect fit for our youngest learners as it ties in vocabulary, facts and also a special story taking place in the mountains. 
On the blog School Time Snippets, Kristina talks about sensory bags in the post Going On A Bear Hunt Sensory Bags.  

To put a familiar twist on this sweet little bear activity, turn it into The Bear Walked Over The Mountain Sensory Bags.  
Using words within the Cantata Learning book, you can create a sensory bag activity for this one too.  
Just think how fun this will be as the children sing, dance and read along!  
In the blog I Heart Crafty Things they created bear masks!   To have your students create these and then turn on this classic Cantata Learning tune would be fun and also a special learning connection.  
 The Bear Went Over The Mountain is just one from the Sing-Along Songs Set.  
You will find all of these wonderful traditional sing-along songs from Capstone here

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