Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Over 40 Winter Reading, Singing, Creating & Learning Activities & Resources!

One of my all time favorite Symbaloo's is the Winter Fun one that I did a few years ago to go along with our Winter Around the World Project Harmony Project from Cantata Learning.

You can get to the Winter Fun Symbaloo here.

Here is a little overview of the Symbaloo...
The newest resource is the Collection by Destiny for Winter Resources.  I plan to fill this up with winter resources you will love too.  
You will find the Winter Around the World Harmony Project.
You can read, share and celebrate the season with our collaborative Winter Around the World, Global Story 2015 here.  

This FlipSnack contains over 250 schools winter is beautiful!  And a great place to get ideas for winter projects to do with your students too. 
You can also sing and listen to Winter, The Coldest Season of All from Cantata Learning from the Symbaloo.  

Click on the box above to do it from this post too. 
Winter, The Coldest Season of All can be found on the Cantata Learning website too where you will find the music to be streamed or downloaded as a MP3.  This is helpful because you can then include it in winter projects you create.  

The sheet music is there too.  
At the bottom there are 9 different winter project ideas using some of my favorite tools including Buncee, StoryBird, StoryboardThat and Little Bird Tales.   

You will find all of the links on the Symbaloo.
 Also at the bottom, you will find lots of winter activities focusing around math, science and more.
Next, in the upper right hand corner, you will find wonderful places to read winter stories including fiction and nonfiction stories.  
And across from that in the other corner, amazing sites for creating snowflakes including Google's Santa Tracker where you can code your very own snowflake and send it to someone special.

Have fun sharing this in your libraries and classrooms.  And don't forget...this is the perfect Symbaloo to send home during winter break too.

They will have fun reading, creating, sharing and singing all about winter with their families too.

Happy Winter Friends!  

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