Friday, December 16, 2016

10 Virtual Storytime Videos For Children From Cantata Learning and Me!

I get to have so much fun in my role as Cantata Learning's library advocate and consultant by celebrating and sharing all of the wonderful books and songs we create in a variety of ways.
This week was one of those fun times as I went to the studio to record more of our very special virtual storytimes to add to our growing collection.
Each Storytime Video includes engaging on-screen storytellers, illustrations and a sing-a-long song to create a multi-sensory learning experience to hook every type of learner.

They are a very special way to to share Cantata Learning with children in the library, classroom and related arts classes such as music, art and physical education.

The Storytime Videos can be used in group settings and are perfect to pair with individual students within reading and listening centers, free reading time and great to use at home too.

As you get ready to share these with students, teachers and parents, check out all of the Storytime Videos.....
And while you are there, take a look around the entire beautiful new Cantata Learning website too!

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