Friday, December 2, 2016

3 Ways To Keep Your Students Active This Winter!

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Everyone knows that it can be hard to stay active during the winter months. Keeping your students active over the cold months will help to keep your students motivated, focused and happy.

Today, we are bringing you three awesome tips on how to keep your students active this winter.
The first tip is to introduce GoNoodle into your classroom.

GoNoodle is an amazing free tool that has helped more than 10 million kids get active each month. GoNoodle has helped kids to become their strongest, smartest, bravest, bestest selves. The thing we love about GoNoodle is that it makes movement fun. GoNoodle turns movement into games that allow kids to be silly, playful and energetic. GoNoodle is also very simple to use! All you have to do is press play on one of hundreds of custom videos that will get kids running, jumping, dancing and stretching.
The second tip is to get moving and dancing to Cantata Learning music.

We love Cantata Learning because they combined music with teaching fundamental skills. Songs can help to strengthen language skills like pronunciation, grammatical structure, and vocabulary.

We love the new series Me, My Friends, My Community: Songs about Emotions! We feel this series can help kids this winter to stay positive and get the wiggles out while still learning some very valuable skills.

The third tip is to do a HIIT workout or find a short workout you can do that is fun for your kids.

We have two suggestions for you.

The first workout you can do with your students is what we call a HIIT workout or a High Intensity Interval Training. Now this doesn’t have to be super intense or long but the idea is to really get your blood flowing and to get something in that is quick and easy for your students to do. This article shows how beneficial HIIT workouts can be even for younger students and how it can help with the ever increasing obesity level. HIIT workouts can range from 3-5 minutes long. No equipment needed, not a lot of space, and they can be really fun. Here are a few examples of HIITs for your classroom.

HIIT Options:

The second option is to find something fun like Zumba, Yoga, or a fun easy to do workout to do.

We find Youtube is a quick and easy way to find fun and short workouts that are also free. These again don’t have to be long but can be just a quick 5 minute get up and move time with your kids so they can take a break from learning so they can come back re focused and energized. We picked a few of our favorite Youtube channels.

Have fun keeping your students active this winter and don't forget to share these tips with your families and friends too!  

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Julia and Brianna 

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