Sunday, December 1, 2013

Van Meter Library Voice.....Selected As One Of The "Top School Library Blogs" From Teacher Certification Degress

This last week I was so honored to be included in the list of Top 50 School Library Blogs released from Teacher Certification Degrees.
To be part of this group makes me very proud of my program and career, but also of all the other amazing teacher librarians I know.

It has been very fun and beneficial going through this list.  I have added new friends to my PLN and have reconnected to several as well.  The blogs are wonderful....So much to learn, to connect with, to bring back to my students and library.

Thank you Teacher Certification Degrees for bringing us all together and for sharing our work with others.

I appreciate this honor and look forward to connecting in the months to come.

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  1. Hi Shannon, I came across your name via my twitter account.
    I am a recent graduate of MLIS in Ireland and hope to create a growing PLN, my plan while searching for a job is to do some volunteering to enhance my skills gained within the Masters and to create a CPD plan for 2014, I have created a blog and hope to showcase my thoughts within librarianship via this tool, what advise would you give someone who is starting out?
    I congratulate you on your success and this blog is truly an amazing piece of work, and I wish you all the success in the future. Lots of wishes from Ireland.