Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our 3rd Graders Want To Teach You About Coding Apps, Kodable & Daisy the Dinosaur, Using Tellagami!

This week as we celebrate with Hour of Code with over 9,000,000 others around the world, the young people at Van Meter are having fun learning, collaborating, creating, and sharing with others too.  

Today after I showed our third graders the three coding apps we would be using during their library time....Kodable, Daisy the Dinosaur, and Hopscotch....I asked them if they would like to tell others about these awesome apps too.  

They were super excited to share with others especially when I told them we were going to use the fun app Tellagami to create avatar videos to spread the word.  

First, all of the kids played with the three apps.  They have been using BotLogic and Scratch on the laptops since the beginning of the year, but the apps are new to them.  

We then picked a few groups to create Tellagami's to share.  
I am excited for the rest of Hour of Code week and that this is just the beginning of learning how to code for our school community.

Especially since we are learning from the best teachers there are.....our kids!
I also added their Tellagami's as Day 11 and 12 on the "My Teacher Librarian Gave To Me" Smore we have been sharing through the holidays.

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