Thursday, December 19, 2013

Learn New Words Every Day with so much more!

A week ago I heard about an amazing new website called   I was impressed with the website right away and couldn't wait to learn more to share with my school community.  

As Time summed up on their website when they voted for as one of their 50 websites of 2012....

"If you’re not positive what mendicantindite and fugacious is here to help. 

The site beefs up your word power with more than 40,000 multiple-choice questions and refines its choices as it learns about your knowledge of the English language. Then it patiently returns to words you missed until you get them right. 

Additional features include adictionary, a word blog and a section that lets users create and share vocabulary lists, like “100 SAT Words Beginning with ‘A.’”
I love how works as stated on the web page above.  There are now over 100,000 questions with word lists for lots of books that teachers are currently teaching.  

One more really awesome thing about is that the dictionary explains words in a way that students can understand....not just dictionary definitions.  
For more wonderful information about check out the videos on the Vimeo page.  The site is free, but schools pay for tracking tools, to see if their students are playing and what words they are struggling with.  The site will remain free for players. 

I can't wait to see what you all think.  After break in the new year, I plan to introduce and promote throughout different collaborative projects and lessons at Van Meter.  I will be anxious to see what all of the students learn and connect to. 

Have fun learning all kinds of new words too!  

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  1. "...Of, or pertaining to..." was the way a bluff would always begin, back when my family would gather in the kitchen for game night, the voluminous, leather-bound Webster's open atop the table. You could always tell when a sibling had found a particularly obscure word leafing through the tissue thin pages - an impish grin creasing the corners of their mouth as they tried to contain their competitive delight. And over the years as we grew, so did our vocabularies - until armed with our words, we each left to take on the world. For me, words became my stock in trade, but my love of words remains more an avocation, than vocation. is the 21st century version of our old dictionary game - an ingenious, linear process that blends the magic of words with the power of technology to build a foundation of knowledge and a love of literature. I've got that impish smile on my face, all over again.