Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Hour of Code" Symbaloo....A Place To Bring The Week Together

We are celebrating "Hour of Code" at Van Meter this week.  
It was just so much fun watching the kindergarten through 12th graders use websites, apps, and other resources to learn how to code yesterday.  I can't wait for what today and the rest of the week holds for us.
All of the resources are included in the "Hour of Code" Week Smore.  
Also, the students will be getting to the resources by going to the Coding Symbaloo that we have been using this year.  It holds coding websites, resources, and apps.
One thing I added and changed within the Symbaloo for the Hour of Code week are the resources on the right hand side.  Everything from the Hour of Code website is now located within these two rows.

These links will take them to the awesome tutorials created for Hour of Code from Scratch, Tynker, Light-bot, and more.

It was really easy for all of the students to find the resources as they had fun with coding in the library yesterday.

I hope you have an awesome time at your school today too.


  1. You have some great ideas here. Thanks for sharing. I taught my first hour of code class today with fifth grade and it was amazing. They loved it and I look forward to doing more. Thanks for organizing the resource in a symbaloo.

  2. Sounds like a great day! If any of your readers are inspired to code beyond that hour, I can't recommend highly enough