Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stan Mack and Susan Champlin Visit Our First Graders As We Read "10 Bears In My Bed" Together On The iPads

Today in the library we had the honor of welcoming author, illustrator, and cartoonist, Stan Mack, and author and editor, Susan Champlin.  Stan and Susan co-authored the historical graphic novels for young people Road to Revolution and Fight for Freedom. 
We got to know Stan and Susan by falling in love with his book 10 Bears In My Bed...A Goodnight Countdown.  
Our young people can find 10 Bears In My Bed anytime they want to read it in our MackinVIA.
10 Bears In My Bed is one of our favorite eBooks in StarWalk Kids Media. We love reading and listening to it on the iPads....
 and on the laptops too.  The kids tell me that they listen to this eBook a lot at home as well.
Stan and Susan started out the connection with our first graders by sharing their work as writers and artists.  It is always so fascinating for all of us to hear the work they have created and participated in.
They then spoke about 10 Bears and the who the book was about...Stan's son.  Susan held up photographs for the first graders to see as Stan spoke of his son and grandson. 
Diana and I then passed out the iPads which were all logged into 10 Bears In The Bed.

This was a first for us....The kids would follow along on the iPad as the author read the book.  This is definitely possible with eBooks....and they loved it!
To listen to Stan and Susan read one of their most favorite eBooks.....and to even have the chance to read the words with them, was very very special to all of us.
I was happy to see that Stan and Susan had a wonderful time in our library too.  

We can't wait until next time, friends.  

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