Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Invitation To "Be The Change" In Katy Independent School District On December 9th

On December 9, I am going to travel from Van Meter School District in Iowa to Katy Independent School District in Texas. 

I have been asked to come to work with all of the teacher librarians in the district. In the morning I will visit with the 6-12 librarians and in the afternoon I will be with the K-5 librarians.  

During these workshops, I will tell my story about how I have been part of transforming the library and school in Van Meter as a leader and the teacher librarian within our school community.  By thinking differently, being innovative, using technology, and becoming connected through social networks and digital tools, Van Meter has stepped towards changing education within the community and globally.  

The librarians and school leaders will leave the workshops inspired, motivated, and a little more confident to be a change within their school, library, and education too.  
Please watch the video invitation above to see the questions and topics that we will investigate during this day.  

I am excited to take a look at all of the exciting things we are seeing in the library and education....student voice, creativity, collaboration, curriculum, digital citizenship, learning spaces, collection, eBooks and print, digital tools, social media, and much more.  

I hope that all of the KISD administrators can also join us on this day to see how everyone can "Be The Change" in the lives of our young people and throughout education.  

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  1. Shannon: congratulations! You are going to be our champion of all school librarians across the country! Yeehah! Was wondering if your session in Katy will be in the form of a podcast, and if it would be accessible. There are so many things I want to learn from you! Good luck, and have a great time in TX! :)