Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Excited To Introduce The Third Graders To Their "Flat Twin Project" Just In Time For The Holidays

Over the last two weeks the third graders and their teachers have been preparing their Flat Friends to send out to someone they knew from around the world.  My son Hagan sent his to Uncle Mike in Dallas, Texas and cannot wait to see what kind of adventure Flat Hagan takes.

This year we are going to do an extension of the Flat Friend project.  They are all going to have a Flat Twin too.

We made copies of their Flat Friend and they will cut them out.  Each third grader will be taking them on an adventure over the holiday break.  We would like each one of the students to bring back at least three pictures of the adventures with their Flat Twin.
After break we will be working on a collaborative, technology project with my friend Shannon Hyman from Kaechele Elementary School in Virginia.  All of our students will get to know one another through the Flat Twins....It is going to be so much fun.  

Please check out the Animoto video above to see what our Flat Twins have been up to at Van Meter and all of the fun to come!
And also this Animoto that we sent to our new friends in Virginia!  We wanted to introduce all of them to our flat twin and us. 
Shannon Hyman also sent us this beautiful little "Thank you" from her 2nd graders too.  

I can't wait for 2014 and what fun our Flat Friends and Twins hold for all of us.  

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