Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Technology Contract Cards and Coupons for Your Family This Holiday From "A Platform for Good"

My friends at "A Platform for Good" have something very special for all of us this holiday season. 

They have created a wonderful way to spread good ways to promote digital citizenship and online safety with our families, students, and communities during this time of year.  

From their blog,

Are you planning on buying your teen a new piece of technology this holiday season? Perhaps they asked for their first smartphone, the latest gaming system, or a new tablet. Whatever the device, make sure you include the gift of safe and responsible use with our family technology contract cards.
From establishing house rules like phone-free time to understanding privacy settings, these cards are a great way to get the conversation started with your teen about how they should be using their new device.
But they aren’t just for kids. For each contract, parents will have to make a set of promises, too. After all, online safety is a partnership and it works better when you’re in it together.
Here is the link to their Holiday Contract Cards for Families.  You can get the Contract Card PDF's here.

In addition to family contract cards, we’ve got a great gift idea for you – coupons to help you share your technology knowledge with others!
The idea is simple: All you have to do is download your favorite coupon and give it to a family member or friend. Then, they can cash it in for two hours of your time and know-how.
Whether it’s assisting with setting up their new mobile phone or laptop, or if they’re just looking to spend a few tech-free hours with you, these six coupons are a great addition to holiday giving.
Here is a link to their Holiday Technology Coupons.  You can get the Coupon Card PDF's here too.

We can all use a little help when it comes to keeping our children and students safe and responsible online and when using technology.  Please check out these easy and fun ways to do this from "A Platform for Good" too.

You can also connect with them and the great things they are doing on Twitter at @platformforgood and their Facebook page.

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