Monday, June 13, 2022

"Look What I'm Reading This Summer" Bitmoji Poster!


I love staying in touch with our families and students over the summer. It is easy to do with our library Facebook and Instagram. We have lots of families that follow our library so it is a great place to share announcements, celebrations and all things reading and learning. 

This summer, I am using one of our favorite reading promotions that we use throughout the year....Look What I Am Reading Bitmoji Posters. 

These are a fun, easy and engaging way to show our students what we are reading as librarians and teachers, while grabbing their attention with our Bitmoji and poster design. 

You will find how to create your own Look What I'm Reading Bitmoji Posters here in this past blog post on my blog. 
This summer, I am doing it a little different because I want to show several books at one time since we do a lot of reading throughout the summer. I did this by adding a bookshelf behind my Bitmoji. It gave me a space to add several books. 

To do this, I searched for Empty Book Shelf while making the poster (presentation style slide) in Canva. Once the shelf was added, I added my Bitmoji, the marquee to add text, and the book covers that I found and uploaded. 

If you would like to use this for a template, you will find mine here. Once you make a copy, just take out my Bitmoji and book covers. Then add your own. 
To share this on our library Facebook and Instagram, I downloaded the image and shared it with a message to our students and families.  I made sure to ask them what they are reading too! 

By doing my Look What I Am Reading Bitmoji Poster this way, it makes me think that maybe I will use this format next year too. It gives me book shelf space to share several books and I could make a different one for our elementary, middle and high school to share each month. 

 What do you use in the summer and throughout the school year to stay connected to your readers and share your love of reading too? 

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