Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The 3rd Special Virtual Stick Together StickerBoard For Week 3 Of The Capstone Virtual Camp Adventure Is LIVE & Ready For Our Kids!

We are excited to share a second special virtual Stick Together stickerboard for Week 3 of the Capstone Virtual Camp Adventure! 

It was so much fun to watch the first virtual stickerboard being completed by kids around the world. Today, they celebrated as they completed the virtual stickerboard to reveal...

...this fun space image that is part of the Virtual Camp Adventure Weeks 1 & 2...Let's GO to space! choice board. 

Now, we are onto Week 3 and the theme is Let's Go Back In Time! 

Let me show you were you can find the virtual stickerboards. 
Under the STEAM column in each weeks choice boards, there will be a virtual StickTogether stickerboard for everyone to collaborate on throughout the week.  It ties into the theme of the weekly choice board. 

For the weeks throughout the summer, I will include the date they go LIVE. 

Students can click in the box on the choice board to...
...get to virtual stickerboard to work on the surprise image with others around the world.  Look how much has already been completed this week already!  

Any guesses what it might be? 
The virtual stickerboards will go along with the weekly themes, as shown above. 

You can find everything you need for Capstone's Virtual Summer Camp Adventure here, friends. Please let me know if you have any questions. 
And you can find more information about the virtual StickTogether stickerboards here on their site. 

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