Monday, June 20, 2022

BIG News! Virtual StickTogether Stickerboards Are FREE For The Summer! Get Yours Today, Friends!


Our friends at StickTogether have some very exciting news for us this summer. 

They are offering Virtual StickTogether Stickerboards for FREE throughout the summer

As shared in their newsletter, 

Over the summer we are offering a discount code for 10 FREE Virtual StickTogether Stickerboards. Simply add 10 Stickerboards to your cart and at checkout use Discount Code: Summer22. 
Look at all of the amazing new virtual stickerboards they have in the gallery for the summer.  

I love sharing these with our students and families on our library newsletter and social media sites throughout the summer. 

I have been using them in professional development events, and just for fun too! 

You can go here to grab your free stickerboards today! Enjoy, friends! 

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