Wednesday, June 15, 2022

ISTE LIVE 22 Is Almost Here & This Is Where I'll Be! Plus...One Of My Favorite Conference Tips That You Will Find Here!


ISTE LIVE 22 starts in just a few days ago! It starts on June 26 and run through June 29 in New Orleans. We are all very excited to be together in person this year and can't wait for the connecting, learning, sharing and a lot of fun. 

As I get ready for ISTE, I put together a schedule of where I will be and what I will be doing throughout the conference. 

You will find my schedule from above here. Let me share a few details below too. 

On June 26, at 9-11:00am, is the Future Ready Librarians Summit in Room 260-2. I can't wait to come together as we learn how collaboration works within school libraries to enhance learning, reading, creativity, and student voice. 

There are just a few seats left so register here today as we kick off the week together. 

The rest of my week is full of so much fun including...

June 27, 11am I will be in the Novel Effect Booth for a special read aloud.
1pm Join us for a talk about the power of student game design with BreakoutEDU, Room 277
2-3pm What We Don't Know: Trends in Education Panel, Room 293-4
4pm Join me in the Capstone Booth for the PebbleGo Game Show...Prizes & Snacks!
5:30-6:30pm Meet the ISTE Authors! Mix & mingle at ISTE Central, Hall H Lobby.

June 28, 11:30am StickTogether Booth to share ways to use posters and virtual with our kids.
1pm Join me in the Capstone Booth for the PebbleGo Game Show...Prizes and Snacks!
3pm Come to the Pear Deck Booth! I will be signing & giving away my ISTE book.

June 29, 10-11am Partners in Leadership: Leading Through Equity with Bill Bass, Room 288-90
11:30am StickTogether Booth for more ideas, sharing and fun!
1pm Join me in the Capstone Booth for the PebbleGo Game Show...Prizes & Snacks!

I hope to see you at ISTE, friends. I will be sharing more details about the other events soon.
Oh, and I wanted to share one little tip on how I created this schedule and how I use it at conferences and events.

I always create one slide with all of the details of where I will be including name of the presentation, time and place, and any other special details or presenters. I add my picture and a little message at the bottom.

I want this to be helpful to others when I share it online or through the link. It will give them a glimpse into where they can learn with me throughout the event, and the events I plan to attend.

I also use it for myself as I get organized for a busy conference. I take a screen shot of the slide and make a few copies. I keep one in our hotel room and throw one into my backpack. I add it to my phone by saving the image on the home screen. By doing this, I have access to it super quick as I am looking for my next event and where I need to be....often times in a hurry.

I share that saved image with my family so they know where I am and what is happening while I am traveling. And of course with friends and others at the conference.

It's just a handy little conference tip that I hope works for you too.

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