Monday, April 6, 2020

Recycled Toilet Paper Garden With Yasmin! Find The eBook and Directions Here!

I love finding all of the special activities that authors, illustrators and publishers are creating for our learners, teachers and families as they learn, create and collaborate together. 
And as spring is now here, seeing lots of ideas for starting and planting gardens with recyclable materials like toilet paper rolls, makes it so fun to bring a few of these ideas together.
In our house, we started our garden two weeks ago inside but are excited to start more seeds this week with the idea we found from our friends at Capstone. 

Let me show you this little recycled planter idea in this #ShannonsBookReel! 
The first thing to do is find the eBook, Yasmin, The Gardener, in Capstone Interactive. 
You can sign up for Capstone Interactive and get all of the Yasmin series here
I love Yasmin, The Gardener and the connection with this time of year, especially with the time we are spending at home together now.
With this, Capstone has created this learning activity for Toilet Paper Roll Planters. This is such a sweet connection with this eBook and the learning and social emotional learning connections. 
  On the Remote Learning page on the Reading is for Everyone site,
you will find the Yasmin the Gardener Toilet Paper Roll Planters here under all of the different resources for the popular Capstone characters. 

This is available to share with our students, families and school community, as all of the other resources from Capstone.  
As I read Yasmin, The Gardener, written by Saadie Faruqi and illustraed by Hatem Aly, 
I made it one of the 8 eBooks included in this weeks You've Been Book'd Buncee too! You will find it here, friends.
I hope you enjoyed todays #ShannonsBookReel and can't wait to hear how you are using these resources with the children in your life too.

I will be back with a new #ShannonsBookReel soon! 

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