Thursday, April 16, 2020

My Recording and Resources From This Week's Pear Deck Webinar Are Here, Friends!

I had such a fun time doing a webinar with my friends at Pear Deck on April 14.  And it was very special hanging out with so many other teacher librarian and educator friends!  I loved spending that time together. 

My webinar was focused around how librarians can support students and families during remote learning and all year long. I shared lots of ideas, resources and tips on taking care of ourselves during this time too. 
You can now find the webinar recording and resources online here.   This will take you to a link to watch the webinar and also....
...lots of other resources that will help you stay connected to the wonderful things Pear Deck creates for all of us including ready-to-teach activities, how-to videos for remote learning, upcoming webinars and more. 

One of the resources I am most excited about are...
 ...the NEW Library Media Pear Deck Templates.  When you click on the link to Shannon's special template pack.... will take you to the templates and allows you to copy that file to your Google Drive.
The Library Media Pear Deck Templates are focused around reading, book clubs, research, using the media center and fun ways to connect with students at home too. 

I am using a few of the library media templates with my 2nd grade friends today in a Zoom and can't wait!  I will blog about the experience later today to share more about how to use these new templates with Pear Deck.  
In the webinar resources, you will also find a copy of my presentation that you can make a copy to find all of the information and links to the resources, projects and blog post stories I shared. 

Thank you again, friends for joining me for my Pear Deck webinar.  As librarians, we can be leaders in digital learning, just as we can at school and throughout the year.  I hope this helps you with your journey.  Please reach out at @shannonmmiller on Twitter and Instagram or by email if you ever need anything. I am always happy to help and am here for all of you. 

Stay healthy, safe and happy, Shannon

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