Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Virtual Place To Share How Our Students Are Learning and Reading!

With lots of our families sharing pictures of their children learning and reading in fun and unique spots, I wanted to create a place for everyone to share these spots and pictures. 
I created a Padlet because it is so easy to share the link for anyone to add a picture to. 
To add a photo, you just click on the little upload arrow, circled in hot pink above.
When you click on it, Files comes up and lets you pick a file from your computer by dragging it or clicking on the bottom that says Pick File. 

Once you have picked a file, your image will upload and pop up on the Padlet wall. 
I shared this on our school Facebook pages so families can find it easier and share.  And I know our students will LOVE seeing where their friends are learning and reading too. 

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