Monday, April 20, 2020

Happy Earth Day Choice Board!

As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day this week on April 22, I brought together several of my favorite Capstone eBooks, PebbleGo articles about Helping the Environment and the special...
...2020 Earth Day Pledge poster that goes along with the Earth Day story and song. 
Many of the eBooks in the Earth Day Choice Board, including Earth Day, The Story of Earth and this series, Caring for Our Planet, are Cantata Learning book which are paired with songs and music making it fun for families to learn about these important topics together. 
These two eBooks are part of the Exploring the Planet with Science Projects series bringing meaningful activities around the Earth to homes too.

You will find the Happy Earth Day Choice Board here.  Feel free to share it with your students, families and community too.

And remember, everyone can sign up for PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive for FREE at this link.
The Earth Day Choice Board is also part of the Earth Day Collection by Destiny I have put together too. 

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