Tuesday, April 21, 2020

An Helpful NEW Way To Access The Newsela Daily Pear Decks!

One of my favorite collaborations is the one between Pear Deck and Newsela, as they have brought us...
...the Newsela Daily Decks!  I love these and as the site shares, 

Newsela and Pear Deck are teaming up to create Daily Decks designed to spark student engagement! Each one features an adaptive news article with interactive prompts to get EVERY student learning. These free, ready-to-teach Decks will help you explore news topics with your class while working on literacy, critical thinking skills, and building classroom community! 

Each article has been curated by Newsela’s expert team and paired with proven instructional strategies to help your students go deeper with the lessons and prompt classroom conversations. With new articles published every day, there’s never a limit to how much you can explore!
You will find the Newsela Daily Decks here on the Pear Deck site.  This is where you will also subscribe to receive them in your email too. 
And guess what?  I have some exciting news!  You can now also find the Daily Decks in Newsela!  

You will find this new integration under the ELA tab on the Newsela tab here...as shown in the picture above. 
When you click on one of the Daily Decks, it will take users to Pear Deck where either Students or Teachers can be picked.
 When Students is picked, the Newsela Pear Deck will open up and students can...
...learn, explore and answer questions at their own pace.
When they choose Teachers, teachers can assign the Newsela Pear Deck through a link or to Google Classroom, as shown in the picture above.

This makes it so handy for remote learning right now and all learning throughout the year.
You can also learn more from this post, The Newsela Daily Deck! NEW From Our Friends At Newsela and Pear Deck here

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