Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Buncee Ideas Lab...Over 500 Amazing Ideas To Inspire Creativity and Learning

One of my favorite places to go for finding ideas for my students and teachers at school, and now during remote learning, is the Buncee Ideas Lab.  This is an amazing place to go to find a huge variety of wonderful and ideas and to be inspired by what other educators and students are creating within Buncee around the world. 

As shared on the Buncee blog, 

Buncee’s blank creation canvas gives classrooms the freedom to let their creativity run wild… but sometimes, they might need a little spark to light their creative fire. Buncee Ideas Lab helps classrooms achieve just that. This will be your ever-growing hub of creative and inspiring ideas for everyone from teachers to students to administrators. Featuring a variety of tips, tutorials, and templates, Ideas Lab has been created to help you and your students discover endless possibilities for innovating learning at your school, every day.
Ideas are searchable across 20 topic areas, and currently, feature 500+ (and counting!) descriptive ways to use Buncee in and beyond the classroom...
...and across all grade levels. 
The sky is the limit when creating with Buncee and finding inspiration in the Ideas Lab.  No matter what you are using it for.....supporting project-based learning, creating your library or school brand, sending invites to families for a virtual field trip and so much more. 
Let me show you how I use the Buncee Ideas Lab every single day! 
This week is Poem in Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 30.  My friend and colleague, Tracy Ferguson, and I are going to have a virtual poem in your pocket celebration on Zoom using Buncee so I went to the Ideas Lab today to find ideas and templates to share with the kids.

I found three right away and they are all so fun!
We will give our students a choice what they want to create by sharing these three ideas and also...
 ...the cute little pocket stickers and...
...even Buncee man with a blank poem in his pocket we could fill out. How fun is that! 
If you have an idea, you can submit it with this form.
I am so excited that three of my projects are part of the Ideas Lab. You will find them in the Library topic area. 
They are Create a PebbleGo Research Journal To Use At Home, 
Share Reading Recommendations With Capstone Interactive You've Been Book'd and...
Create a HyperDoc Newsletter with a Video Tutorial that you can use with your students and share with your teachers too. 
All you have to do is click on Create This to open it up in Buncee and you can even bookmark them to save and go back to as you work in the Ideas Lab. 

You will find the Buncee Ideas Lab here. Have fun exploring and being inspired in the Buncee Ideas Lab, friends.  

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