Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The application period is open now through August 16, 2024.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Check Out These NEW Downloadables That Pair With The Upcoming Capstone Fall 2024 Books!


Our friends at Capstone are getting ready for the Fall 2024 New Books and I couldn't be more excited to see all of these upcoming titles! 
As Capstone shared on the site, 

Welcome to our preview of the most anticipated books for fall! Among the books we’re most excited about this season include Author vs. Illustrator, a laugh-out-loud picture book about the not-so-simple process of creating a picture book from Lemke & Lentz, the collaborators behind the quirky and Instaworthy Book-O-Beards. Continuing the theme of book love, two new picture books you don’t want to miss are Overdue by Gloria Koster, a story about a forgotten library book told from his point of view, and The Pass by Sara Laux Akin, a tender story of sports, reading, and friendship, celebrating the empowerment and connection a good book can give.

Also new this season is Tana Cooks, an early chapter book series perfect for beginning readers about a Choctaw second-grader who loves to cook and bake with her family, and Cyber Sleuths, a middle grade mystery series created in collaboration with the International Society for Technology in Education that encourages readers to think about combatting dis/mis/malinformation in their own lives. 

Take a sneak peek at highlights of Capstone’s Fall 2024 titles before they hit the shelves.

You can get your sneak peek here, friends. 
They also created lots of amazing new downloadables for several of the new books. 

You will find all of these downloadables, and more, here on the Capstone site.  

There are perfect to pair up with these amazing new books in the library, classroom and other subjects like art and STEM. 

Check Out The Canva Design School Back-to-School Teacher Toolkit!

I love using Canva for so many things. It's my go-to tool for hundreds of tasks as a librarian and teachers. And I love sharing it with other librarians, teachers, colleagues, and students too. 

As we get ready for a new year, our friends at Canva Design School have created the Back-to-School Teacher Toolkit. This is a super helpful resource that will help all of us learn and use Canva even more effectively this year.  And I promise you will learn a lot of new things along the way.