Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Hey, Future Ready Librarians! 

Are you a Library Director?  Leader (or know one)?  

We would love to have you join our new affinity group just for you!  

The Future Ready Librarians network empowers teacher librarians, and we're looking for #FutureReady Library Leaders. Please complete this short survey if you are a library administrator, director, manager or have responsibility leading and managing librarian operations. 

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Monday, February 6, 2023

You've Been Virtually Book'd For Poetry Month"...A Special Program and List I Use Within Our Destiny Discover & Library!

Our students love reading and celebrating poetry throughout the year. 

And in April, poetry is celebrated and sought out even more as we celebrate National Poetry Month. You can find out more about this special event here

This month, I brought together 15 poetry themed eBooks and print books from our Destiny Discover in a choice board to share with everyone. This makes it very easy for my readers to find and read these eBooks and print books easily anywhere they are reading and sharing. 

Let me show you how I set up this choice board for my school community. 

First, I created the choice board in a Google Slide.  I added the covers of the 15 poetry eBooks I included in this choice board. 

Second, I went to our Destiny Discover and...

...grabbed the links to each eBook.  

This is easy to do.  You just search for the eBook, click on the three little dots next to Open, and this drop down menu will appear. 
Click on Share and the link to the book will pop up. That is the url to share in the choice boards. 
Take the copied link and add it to the book cover.  

When every book cover is linked, you are ready to share the choice board. 
Go to File and down to Publish to the web.  
This will give you a link to share with the students and teachers.  
When they click on that published link, the You've Been Virtually Book'd With Books For Poetry Month choice board will pop up and all of the eBooks can be read from there. 

I am excited about this list of 15 special new eBooks I put together in Titlewave.  In this choice board, you can click on any book cover to view and find the full book list from Titlewave there too. 

If you would like to edit this and use for your own library, you can make a copy here

Our students will love these poetry books that are part of our You've Been Virtually Book'd program. And I love how we can keep this program going all year long!  It brings so much joy to our readers each and every month.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Mark Your Calendar For All4Ed's 12th Annual Digital Learning Day On March 15, 2023, Friends! One of Our Favorite Celebrations of the Year!


One of our favorite days to celebrate every year is Digital Learning Day. This is such a special day to celebrate how we make connections with every student everywhere. 

All4Ed’s 12th Annual Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) will be held on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

As shared on the DLDay site, 

The start of a new year is a perfect year to reflect, reframe, and reprioritize much of everyday life and focus on making intentional connections. As educators, we know that relationships and connections are the foundation of effective practices and for increasing student engagement.  For over two years, the education community has encountered many challenges such as learning loss and staffing shortages. Yet in the face of these challenges, educators continue to rise to the occasion, and there is much to celebrate. 

All4Ed’s 12th Annual Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) will be held on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. We will highlight how educators across the country are utilizing digital learning tools to create authentic connections and personalized learning opportunities for every student, everywhere.

When All4Ed held its inaugural #DLDay more than a decade ago, many districts, schools, and educators were uncertain about the role digital learning could play in their classrooms. The connections between technology, innovation, and equity were nebulous at best. Now, as access to technology has become more ubiquitous, personalized digital learning strategies are a lifeline and a means to level the playing field and close equity gaps, as districts leverage high-quality evidence-based strategies to ensure that each student has the learning opportunities they need and deserve.

Now more than ever, educators need to make intentional connections with fellow educators and students, share, and celebrate the many successes happening in their schools and classrooms each day.

On the site, there are also great things coming soon including Finding a Digital Learning Tool, Planning an Event, and Save the Date for the Virtual Celebration. 
I will also be sharing the Let's Celebrate Digital Learning Day choice board soon. This will bring new digital learning experiences to our students. It will give them a place to learn, create and share new and exciting digital learning experiences. 

Digital Learning Day is an awesome day for all students, teachers and school communities.  Mark your calendars on March 15 and check back with the site and #DLDay on social for more details soon.