Thursday, May 27, 2010

ISTE's Learning and Leading: Enhance Your Twitter Experience!

This week in the ISTE Leading and Leading Journal June/July 2010 edition, I had my first article published! It was fun to work with the editor in writing the article Enhance Your Twitter Experience . In this article I gave several examples for using Twitter to build your PLN (Personal Learning Network) to create connections, collect resources, and learn from others all over the world.

In the journal there were two articles joined together to talk about Twitter. The other was was Join the Flock by Hadley Ferguson from Philadelphia. We had the amazing privilege to meet in Denver at ISTE10 this summer. The cover of the article was contained in this big square cubes around the store area at ISTE. After the conference, Hadley waited around until they took them out and sent one all the way to Iowa for me! I love this and will never forget about what a great experience ISTE was and how much I adore my PLN thanks to Twitter and other tools.