Thursday, April 23, 2020

NEW Library Media Pear Deck Templates Are Here!

Last week, I had so much fun using a few very special new templates with my 2nd grade friends from Tracy Ferguson's class on our Zoom connection.  

They loved being able to...
....respond and interact with one another through the Pear Deck slides focused around reading that we used from the...
Library Media Templates I created with my friends at Pear Deck. 
And today, on World Book Day, this is the perfect time to share them with all of you! 
At this link, you will find the Library Media Templates on the Pear Deck site. 
Once you download them to your Google Drive, you will be able to view, use and modify the Library Media Templates to use with your school community in person and through remote learning too.

The slides are focused around a variety of library media topics including...
 Reading Prompts like...
 ...sharing favorite books and how they make you feel,
favorite illustrators,
 book clubs and...
 ...even special events like, Poem In Your Pocket Day.
We created slides around the weekly PebbleGo Adventures I have been creating with Capstone that you can find here.
You can even customize these slides to tie in the specific PebbleGo Questions and Adventures for the day.
With research being a big part of what we do as librarians, we created some Research Prompts slides that...
 ..will encourage entire classrooms or individual students to brainstorm, define and formulate research topics and process.
And of course, we included Using the Media Center as a topic.
I love how we can even use these slides as conversations through remote learning as we think about the library in a different way through eBooks, eResources and other formats and practice.  
To see their responses and how happy they were to share, meant the world to them and to us, as educators.  We will definitely be using Pear Deck to engage, encourage and interact with our students again. 

And to have the new Library Media Pear Deck slides makes it so much fun and easy to bring these ideas and concepts to life.  
You will find the Library Media Pear Deck slides here, friends.  You can use them as they are or change and add things to them within Google Slides too. 

Have fun! 

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  1. Hi Shannon, I love your Pear Deck slides. I was wondering if you know if they will also work for OneDrive? I have Pear Deck add-in for Powerpoint. I tried downloading your templates from GoogleDrive, then uploading then to my Pear Deck folder in One Drive, but the students couldn't write on them. Do you know if they are compatible? Thanks so much!