Monday, April 13, 2020

2 Super Fun and Musical Coding Activities From Unruly Splats You Won't Want To Miss Sharing With Your Kids!

One of the coolest new technologies that I found this year was Unruly Splats!  I first met this amazing group of people and was introduced to Unruly Splats at the FETC Conference in January.

You can read my blog post, Unruly Splats, Bringing Movement To STEM and More to learn more.
The brightly colored Unruly Splats that go on the floor, and the Unruly Splats app, work together so kids can code them to do all kinds of fun things. 

We are now very excited at Van Meter Schools to be part of the pilot program!  We will be using our Unruly Splats in our TK-12 school, especially tying in the physical education and special education departments.

Our plan was to kick them off with our district right after spring break in March.  With not going back to school due to COVID-19 and not being able to use the Unruly Splats as we planned, I was VERY excited to get an email telling us....
 ..we actually can use Unruly Splats without the Splats...
..and they have even put together this awesome Musical Splats Activity Pack that is a crash course in making UNRULY music virtually! 
First, let's take a look at the Splatting Without Splats Guide here.  This guide walks you and your students through the exact steps on how to splat virtually. 
On the first page shown above, it gives a link that takes us to the online Google Chrome version of Unruly Splats. 
I love how the guide walks users through using the Unruly Splats coding site.  It is so fun to code the Unruly Splats seen on the left hand side and to...
..check out all of the Unruly Projects including My Unruly Creations, Unruly Examples, Unruly Challenges and more.  
Again, you will find everything you need in the Splatting Without Splats, Google Chrome Edition.  

 You can also download the Splats app for free here.
 I used it on my iPad today and it was...
 ...super fun to learn how to...
...code the Splats.  I made them play music, flash different colors and start at certain times. I can't wait to learn even more.  
Speaking of music with Unruly Splats, the Musical Splats Activity Pack contains three awesome Musical Splat activities including unruly music and rhythm.
Each activity in the Musical Splats Activity Pack contains all of the directions, links and even videos to help students through these coding activities
Everyone will love coding and creating music with Unruly Splats.  This can be an activity to do alone or even with a sibling or parent.  

Our friends from Unruly Splats also shared, 

In this activity, we challenge students to create their own songs using virtual Splats, and Crash the Unruly Gorilla will dance to them on video! We have received some amazing submissions so far, but Crash is looking for more music to dance to, so please email student projects to me directly at 🕺

How fun is that, friends! 
You can read more about Unruly Splats on their website.  
And follow them on Twitter @unruly_studios for lots of new information, webinar announcements, free giveaways and more.  

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