Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Create A Video Newsletter To Share With Your Students and Families This Week!

Every week I have been creating and sharing a new...
...You've Been Virtually Book'd Buncee with my students and families, and with all of you to share with your school community too.  You will find this weeks (April 12) You've Been Virtually Book'd here.
These are filled with eBooks from Capstone Interactive, which everyone can read while learning at home for free.  You can sign up for free here
As I shared with our students and families this week, I wanted to included a message so I decided to make a newsletter using Buncee so I could add the You've Been Virtually Book'd Buncee and a video message too.  
It is super easy to do as you can Record Video right in a Buncee....it is one of the choices when you click on the + to add things.  Your video can up to 3 minutes long. 

Once you are finished recording, your video will appear in the Buncee where you can move and resize it anyway you want. 
This morning, I shared my You've Been Virtually Book'd Buncee Newsletter on our Van Meter Library Voice Facebook page.  They will be excited to see the new eBooks for the week. 

You can make your own Buncee video newsletter by signing up for Buncee free here on their Remote Learning site where they have included so many helpful resources, ideas and more. 

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