Saturday, April 18, 2020

Easy Steps To Create A New Facebook Frame In Frame Studio!

After seeing several friends and my sister, Heather, with customized Facebook Profile Frames for their school, I decided to figure out how to make a few for our teachers and community too! 
It is super easy to add a frame like this to your Facebook profile picture.  Let me show you how!
First, you will go to the Facebook Frame Studio and click on Open Frame Studio in the upper right hand corner.
 It will open up the window to Create a Frame. 
Next, you will click on Upload Art and will add the art or logo you want to add to your Facebook Frame.
 I created mine in Canva because I knew I could download it as a...
 ...PNG with a Transparent Background.  

To do this....first, you click on Share. Then, choose PNG as File Type and select Transparent Background. Then click on Download. 
You will find THREE Facebook Frame Templates in Canva to copy here.  You can make a copy and then make changes for your own school and community. 

We can do this in PicMonkey too.
 So when you click on Upload Art, pick that file that you downloaded on your computer.
It will upload the art into the Frame Studio where you can change the size and reposition the art. You can see what it will look like as the circular image and how it looks on a device.

Once you have your art how you want it, click on Next in the lower right hand corner.  It will walk you through a few steps where you will give it a title and searchable tags.
When you have it uploaded and saved, you can click on the Sharing URL box to copy and share the URL to other people so they can use the frame.

You can find I Miss Our Students #vanmeterstrong here if you'd like to check it out...and Van Meter teachers, you can add it to your Facebook profile picture too.
 When you go to that link, it will bring up the frames and that one will be at the top of the list.
You can also search for others.  For example, our community can search #VanMeter to find others I created like....
...#vanmeterstrong found here
I even took the picture and added it to my Twitter and Instagram profiles too. 
As you can see, it is very easy and fun to create something special for your community to show support, community and love for our students, families and everyone during this time.  


  1. This is awesome! I have been wondering how to do this for a long time! It's so easy! :)

    1. I too! So happy I took time to figure that out. I will be making more. It's fun. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Kathy.... It is here

  3. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing these steps!

    1. How did you add it to your Twitter image? Does Twitter have something similar to Facebook's photo frame option?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the steps and the templates! Our school community will love this!

  5. I just shared two with our staff. Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I'm new to using Canva and have been playing around the a copy of the template. I'm trying to change the blue background to black, but can't. The help function didn't give me an answer. I feel like I'm missing something that's really easy! Any advice?

  7. This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Are you using Canvas Pro?? I can't find the transparent background??

    1. I got my answer! WE have to have Canva Pro to be able to apply the transparent background.........