Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Creating Bitmoji Bookmarks To Send A Message To Your Students!

We have now been away from our kids for 5 weeks, almost 6.  I sure do miss every single one of them and love all of the connections I have been making in Virtual Pop-In Storytimes, Virtual Book Clubs and helping them with questions, technology and book requests online. 

Over the weekend, I thought of more ways I could connect with our students and families.  I love making bookmarks to share throughout the year.  So, I thought to myself, What if I made a bookmark with a message to the kids, including a link to the library and technology resources, and...
 ...mailed it in an envelope with a little...
...stamp of our address so they could write back.  

I asked Hagan and Eric, and they thought it was a great idea so I set off to work on this bookmark project. 

As I brainstormed ideas for the bookmark, all of the Bitmoji Google Classroom libraries and rooms I have been seeing on the Future Ready Librarian Facebook and Canva page popped into my head. 
Have you seen these, friends?  They are absolutely adorable and....
...so much fun and personal for our students, families, teachers and communities during remote learning, and all year long. 
There is even a Bitmoji Creations album on Facebook here where you get inspired by others and share your amazing creations too. 
And I just love how everyone is creating their own and pulling together....
...to answer questions and help others. 

After a little thought and planning, I set off to make my Bitmoji bookmark of myself for my students and families too. 

Here are the steps that I took to create my I Spy Mrs. Miller At Home Bitmoji Bookmark. 
I created my Bitmoji picture in Google Slides because it is so easy and fun to work and layer inside of a slide.  
Because I was making a book mark and having them printed in Overnight Prints, I took the template and added it to a slide to know the dimensions and other important editing features. 
I added it onto a Google Slide, in the center.  It is a 2 inch x 6 inch work space. 
I then started adding all of the assets and details to make it look like a room at home with things I loved and used everyday. As I started doing that, my family said, Why don't you turn it into an I Spy activity for the kids to do from your bookmark. 
To add all of these different assets, I used Google to search for the images and PicMonkey...
 ...to Remove Background and...
 ...Download them onto my laptop. 
I could then add all...
 ...of the little assets...
...and special details that kids would would think were fun, while describing me and the things I love as a mom, wife, librarian and teacher. 

When I had the Google Slide all set, I took a screen shot and uploaded it into....
where I had the front of the bookmark already made.  

I picked a coloring sheet template for this side of the bookmark and added a QR code I made with QR Code Monkey that would take the kids to our library and technology resources at Van Meter. 
After I got them set in Canva, I downloaded both sides as PNG's. 
They were then ready to upload into Overnight Prints where I have my bookmarks printed.  You will find the link here.
It's super easy to upload....
...and double check they are all set to print.
To go along with the bookmarks, I am creating a little Spy With Mrs. Miller Activity too. 
After I know all of their bookmarks have been delivered, I will send out this little What Can You Spy With Mrs. Miller Google Document, where they can type what they find below the picture.  They can make a copy with this link
Here is a little tutorial on how I created the Bitmoji I Spy Bookmarks.

Oh and here is another little tip from @DLFedder, you can us FAVPNG.com to find millions of free transparent images too.

You can also get to the template, where you can make a copy to make changes and use to here. I added the bookmark template too. 

This was such a fun project and one I can't wait to share with my students as I send them out in the mail next week. 


  1. Hi there-Question for you. Above you mentioned the Future Ready Librarian Facebook and Canva page. Are they two separate pages? It goes to the facebook Future Ready page, but I was wondering if they were two separate pages? Wasn't sure where the Canva comes in. Thanks!