Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Double Feature Follett Webinar & Resources Are Live! Get Them Here!

Today, I was part of the wonderful Follett Community double feature webinar, How Your Librarian Can Support Teachers and Families During School Closures.  

We loved having so many of you with us for these webinars as...
...my colleague and friend, Tracy Ferguson and I spoke about....
 ...How Your Librarian Can Support Teachers During School Closures and...
...Supporting Librarians During School Closures: Find the Help You Need For Your School and Yourself.  
It was very special being with so many of you as we shared our story, tips and lots of resources that you can use during this time and anytime for your school library, teachers, students, families and community too. 
If you haven't signed up for the webinar yet, you can do so at Follett Community here.  
This is where you will also find the Google Slides for each presentation which is embedded with the links of the resources we shared. 
Also, I had lots of you reach out about the link to sign up for the amazing Lightbox offer from Follett.  

You will find the link for over 1000 interactive Lightbox eBooks here
The post about Using Collections by Destiny For Continuous Learning and the special Follett Classroom Ready Collections (CRC) that Follett has provided all Destiny customers for free as part of their eLearning Resources offerings and plan.  
And don't forget to add your work, ideas and resources to the Future Ready Librarian Padlet here

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.  You will find me on Twitter and Instagram at @shannonmmiller and my email is shannonmcclintockmiller@gmail.com. 
Remember, friends...Now is the time to show what we can do as teacher librarians.  

I am so proud and inspired by all of you. 

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