Friday, April 10, 2020

Join Me For The "Librarians Supporting Students & Families In Remote Learning" Pear Deck Webinar

I had two awesome webinars this week with Follett and loved sharing with all of you!  You can find the recordings here

I am excited to announce that next week I will be teaming up with my dear friends at...
...Pear Deck to share my newest webinar, Librarians Supporting Students and Families In Remote Learning. 
 This is part of Pear Deck's amazing line up of webinars that you will find here on their site.
I am ironically joining two other Miller's this week, Matt and Jake, as we all share our insights and tips on distance learning.  I, of course, will be sharing how teacher librarians can support distance learning.

On this page, you can register for my webinar here
When this screen pops up, 
 just click on the 14th and on 4:00pm and it will...
 ...take you to this page to Confirm April 14 at 4:00pm. Click on Confirm. 
When this screen pops up, enter your details and any questions you may have.  For example, I would love to know how Shannon supports teachers in the virtual pop-in story times.  
When you have entered your information, click on Schedule Event and you will see that you are confirmed.  You can even add this to the calendar of your choice.
And guess what? 

As a special treat, we will be giving away these special gift packs which include the neatest Pear Deck mini journal, bag, my book with Capstone Staying Safe Online and special sticker.  We will be hosting a Twitter giveaway during the webinar....more details to come on that day. 

I am thinking about everyone and am so amazing at all of the great things you are doing for school libraries, communities and the students we all love. 

I hope you join me next week as we talk more about how we can support our students and families.  It will be so much fun seeing you all there! 

Remember, you can register here today, friends. Have a beautiful Easter weekend. 

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