Monday, April 20, 2020

A NEW Earth Day Collection!

April 22 is Earth Day and I have brought together a lot of awesome resources in the Earth Day Collection by DestinyThis is a public Collection so everyone will be able to access the resources, including students and families. 

Like any Collection, you can also make a copy to add your own local resources and please let me know if you'd like be to a Collaborator in the Collection. I am happy to have you help and share too. 
In the Earth Day Collection, you will find all types of resources from Earth Day coding projects,
easy and fun ways to celebrate Earth Day and...
 ...places for students and families to read and learn more about Earth Day 2020....
 ...all around the world and what...
 ...young people are doing to make a difference.
 There are direct links to the PebbleGo Earth and...
 ...Helping the Environment articles.
 And a link to the cutest 2020 Earth Day Pledge poster that goes along with the...
Earth Day Cantata Learning story and song. 
You will find the Happy Earth Day Choice Board that is filled with eBooks and PebbleGo articles I shared earlier today. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week spending time outside celebrating Earth Day, along with learning all about this special day too. 

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