Thursday, April 9, 2020

25 NEW Collections By Destiny For Our Digital Libraries!

I have been busy working on our online library, digital resources and learning platforms for my school district, students and families over the last three weeks.  It has been a busy time but has also been a time for me to....
...spend time reorganizing, recurating and rethinking things I have been doing with our online resources within our school. 

I shared this work in my two Follett webinars this week too. 
We have been using Collections by Destiny over the last several years for so many things.  We use Collections to curate resources; share resources and work with students; bring together resources for special events throughout the year; provide students support in using Collections as a portfolio and research tool; and much more. 

You can read more about how we started using Collections here
As I created and brought together these new Collections, I made a new Collection Set for our continuous and remote learning. 

These are Collections that our teachers will use as they find and share resources with students for online learning.  They will be Collections our families use to find resources to support learning at home.  

And of course, our students will be using them to find lots of wonderful resources for learning, reading, creating, connecting and lots of fun! 
You will find the Collections by Destiny Set for Continuous Learning here. It is open and public for everyone to use and share. 
 I am so excited to share all of these Collections with our students, families, teachers and all of you!
You might be wondering how I share these with my school community and do this in a variety of ways.

I have a page on our Continuous Learning Sites, which are also our library sites, for Destiny Discover.
Everyone knows how to find them in Destiny Discover.  They are shown circled above in the Collections ribbon.

I email Collections when needed.  I mention them in collaborative meetings with teachers. I point out special resources during virtual pop-in storytimes with our students.

I also share on our library Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with little tips on how to use Collections.
Within this big Collection Set for Continuous Learning, you will also find the Collection Set of Digital Tools, Apps, Resources and Ideas.  

I love how we can embed Collections Sets into Collections Sets! 
The Collection Set of Digital Tools, Apps, Resources and Ideas  here.
This Collection Set is filled with Collections focused around digital tools and apps, resources for using them and tons of wonderful ideas.  I will continue to add to these too.

I hope you use, share and ask to add to the Collections for Continuous Learning.  This will be a special place for all of us to collaborate and connect through this new educational journey. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way. 

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