Sunday, December 9, 2018

Resources To Go Along With The Gingerbread STEM Community & Makerspace Global Project!

As we get ready to kick off a few holiday projects with our students, I have brought a few new resources together in a Symbaloo that everyone will love as it ties into the...
.....2018 Gingerbread STEM Community and Makerspace Global Project.

With two weeks of school left, we are going to be working on a few different projects at Van Meter with our 2, 3, 4 and 5th graders in their classrooms and in the library. Our younger students will be working on their coding and keyboarding skills with these resources too.
The resources we have brought together on the Gingerbread Symbaloo will tie into the projects and give all of our elementary students a fun place to go to build and decorate their own gingerbread men and houses virtually.

You will find the Gingerbread Fun Symbaloo here
And one of my favorite things included....the Cantata Learning story and song The Gingerbread Man, A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme.  This is such a sweet story that your students will enjoy singing along to.

We hope you join in on the fun with the Gingerbread STEM Community and Makerspace Global Project too.  We would love to connect and share our projects with you! 

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