Sunday, December 16, 2018

Author & Friend, Laura Murray, & Her Gingerbread Man Visit The Van Meter 2nd Graders!

With all of our gingerbread activities taking place around the 2018 Gingerbread STEM Community and Makerspace Global Projectwe just had to invite our dear friend and the author of our favorite Gingerbread Man, Laura Murray, to Van Meter during this holiday season.  
Laura is the author of The Gingerbread Loose in the School, The Gingerbread Man Loose in the Zoo, The Gingerbread Loose on the Fire Truck, The Gingerbread Man Loose At Christmas and....
...her most recent one, 
The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose At School, 
which she read to all of us during our Skype. 
Our 2nd graders LOVED listening to Laura read and tell her story of being a kindergarten teacher and author.  And we were so excited to also have lots of very special guests in....
 ...Amana, Iowa, where my sister, Heather Fox, is the teacher librarian at Amana Elementary.
At Van Meter, our kindergarten, first and second graders have been using Laura's books and her Gingerbread Man character to create stories of their own gingerbread boys and girls traveling around the world and to global holidays, while....
....Heather's students in Amana are taking their gingerbread boys and girls to the zoo! 

We can't wait to share these stories using our green screens and the DoInk app super soon. 
Laura's website is filled with amazing resources including printables (this is where we found the Gingerbread Man template to print off), ideas from other teachers and librarians, articles, book trailers and much more!  It is definitely one of my favorite author sites to go to for wonderful literacy and creative ideas.  

Thank you, Laura for visiting Van Meter!  It always means the world to us to have you come and share your stories and love for literacy and children. I hope that one day you will come to Van Meter and visit us for the day.  You are the best!  

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