Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Our 5th Graders Created Their Own Augmented Reality With 3DBear!

Last week, our 5th graders loved learning about...
...augmented reality and creating their own AR projects in the library using the amazing app, 3DBear!
To make it even more exciting, Jussi Kajala, creator and owner of 3DBear, Skyped in with the kids to teach them about augmented reality, 3DBear AR and how to use this app. 
Jussi shared with us, 

We founded 3DBear AR because there was no solution in the market for creating and designing content in AR.  I believe that the pedagogical impact of lesson you can give with 3DBear is so much stronger when the students create themselves instead of observing ready-made content. 
With so many different ways to use 3DBear AR, we thought it would be fun to tie this into the...
 ...2018 Gingerbread STEM Community and Makerspace Global Project. Instead of creating something out of gingerbread and real candy, the 5th graders used 3DBear to create a gingerbread picture or story. 

Before they set off to work, Jussi told them a little more about AR and how to find images and other assets to use in their creations. He even showed them how to search for gingerbread men and houses.  

Now, they were really excited for this exploration and creation to start! 
They paired up and found something meaningful and fun to use within our library and commons area outside of the library.
We loved watching them figure things out on their own and...
....how they were going to get the placement of the AR just right.
I also enjoyed watching them work together.
They were problem solving, brainstorming and having so much fun with their partner as they learned this new augmented reality tool.
As the 5th graders worked, we kept Jussi on Skype in case there were questions. 
This was very helpful and the kids were thrilled!
As you can see from this story in our library and from the wonderful infographic from their site, 3DBear fits into the creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills we want to empower our students with in so many amazing ways. 

Thank you Jussi!  We are so excited to learn more about augmented reality and to use 3DBear in all kinds of social studies, science, reading, health and literacy activities and much more. 

We will share our gingerbread projects as soon as they are complete too! 

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