Monday, December 17, 2018

A New Coding Breakout EDU....Mission Maze Emerson Elementary!

When I saw this post today from my dear friend and cofounder of Breakout EDU, Adam Bellow, I was so excited!  This is a project I have been working on with my friends at Breakout EDU for a few months now and one that is so special to me.
This new Breakout EDU is based on the book I wrote with Blake Hoena, A Coding Mission, which is part of the Adventures in Makerspace series from Capstone.
Mission Maze-Emerson Elementary is all about coding and perfect for elementary students as they learn and practice their coding and computer science skills.  
In this Breakout EDU, the characters need help getting out of the digital pages and back to the Makerspace at Emerson Elementary. 

You will find the Mission Maze Breakout EDU here, along with dozens of other amazing Breakout EDU's and resources that will bring so much excitement, engagement, learning and fun to your libraries, classrooms and school communities too. 

Thank you Adam, Ann and Patti!  We can't wait to play this Breakout EDU at Van Meter! 

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