Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Best Books of 2018 Collection!

One of my favorite parts of this time of year as a teacher librarian and lover of books and reading are all of the Best Books of 2018 being shared on social media and in blogs.

I have been sharing and bookmarking them myself. Today, I brought all of those bookmarked sites together in the new....
...Best Books of 2018 Collection by Destiny that you will find here

In fact, I used these today as I browsed through Titlewave and ordered new books with what we earned at our Follett Book Fair this fall.  It was super helpful to have these available and in one spot. 

I am excited to share them with my teachers, families and students as we go into a new year of reading next week and get ready for a whole bunch of new books in 2019 too! 

If there is a list you don't see yet or want to add to this Collection, please share it with me so I can add it or let me know if you'd like to be added as a collaborator.  

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