Friday, December 14, 2018

Ed Emberley Draws and Creates With Us For The Holidays and Wintery Season!

One of the neatest monthly art and drawing sites is from one of my favorite authors, Ed Emberley!   
Every month there are amazing Ed Emberley's Drawing Pages and....
...other Book, Drawing, Activities, and more posted for our students, librarians, teachers and families to engage in throughout the year. 
I know in our library and classrooms we are looking for meaningful activities to tie into math, science, social studies, art, music, information literacy, technology and more.  
These activities found on are perfect! 
I clicked on a few more including Holiday Activities under December and....
January Activities while include lots of fun with the holidays, Santa and snow! 
Also on the site, you will find Drawing Book Samplers for drawing with markers, cut and paste, and thumbprints, which just happen to be my favorite!
I love the little Animations and....
...step by step instructions. 
I also added Ed's site to the special Christmas Collection and Winter Collection by Destiny.  You will find the Christmas Collection here
Today, I found this awesome idea from my friend and librarian Rhonda Jenkins too!  Isn't this so cute? 

It will inspire, bring lots of happiness and introduce them to fun drawing skills thanks to Mr. Emberley. 

Happy, Happy Holidays, dear friends. 

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