Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our 4th Grade Authors and Illustrators Publish Their "I Spy Van Meter" eBook

Over the last few weeks, the fourth graders, their three teachers, and myself have been putting together a collaborative I Spy eBook.
We worked together with Shelley Broderick, their art teacher, to create fun compositions to photograph with their iPads.  They wrote rhymes to go with their photographs to be part of the collaborative I Spy Van Meter eBook.
This week the students added their photographs and words into the Google Presentation that we would upload into the digital tool FlipSnack to create our flippable eBook.

And today, after all of these steps, wonderful collaboration, and amazing creativity, the Van Meter 4th Graders published and shared their first eBook together.
Each student or group of students had a place in the eBook.
 They came together to create such a beautiful I Spy eBook.
We will share the FlipSnack eBook within our school and online.  I Spy Van Meter already has a special place in our school within Destiny, our circulation system.  Now anyone can find their book when searching for the I Spy books within in our library.  

Next week we have our visit from Jean Marzollo, the author of the I Spy series.  She has our book and is going to give the students feedback on their work.  We can't wait to hear what she has to share with all of us. 

You can read the first post about our project and awesome connection on the post I Spy Author Jean Marzollo Visiting Our Library To See The "I Spy Van Meter School" eBook.


  1. Your students did a great job! I'm bookmarking this as an example of visual literacy AND MakerSpaces :-)

  2. Thank you Di. :) After they Skype with Jean they will go back in again and do a few more revisions. I love how technology lets projects like this keep evolving and changing. :)