Monday, October 28, 2013

A Very Special Visit From One Of Our Favorite Authors....Drew Daywalt....And A Few Awesome Crayons Too!

One of my new all time favorite picture books is The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

I love this little book talk from Amazon....  
How could you now love finding out about what is going to happen to Duncan's crayons? 

And the illustrations created by another one of our favorites, Oliver Jeffers, make the story come to life! 
Last week we were so excited to invite Drew to our library to visit with the Van Meter first graders! What a special visit!  
We were very happy when Drew said he would read The Day The Crayons Quit to us and loved the story even more this time.
Afterwards, the first graders asked Drew awesome questions about writing, crayons, and the most popular questions....

"Why did the crayon not have any clothes on in the crayon box?" 

"Why was he naked?"  
The first graders couldn't wait to draw their own crayon pictures and send them to Drew.  I loved watching them pick their favorite colors and use the book to give them ideas.
He is going to love these!
Especially the story their crayons told in our library.
We wanted to do something super special for Drew so we took all of the pictures they created and the photographs from our Skype visit to put them all together in this FlipSnack eBook Thank You.

Enjoy your new book Drew.....We can't wait until you come visit us again.

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  1. Shannon,
    How did you get connected with Drew Daywalt? I would love for my class to Skype with him?